This Too Shall Pass - King Solomon Rings



According to an ancient parable, King Solomon presented his servant with an impossible task: to find a magic ring that could both soothe one's sorrows and temper one's joy.  After a fruitless search, he happened upon a jeweller who engraved a few words on a plain band.

The servant presented the ring to King Solomon at a feast, who read the following inscription:

"This Too Shall Pass"

This ring will remind you of life's ever changing nature, and encourages you to appreciate every moment.  The inscription is hand-stamped, and the outside of the ring is subtly textured in a pattern that resembles faded parchment, to reference the sentiment's origins.  

Sterling silver, and well suited for both men and women. Select size from the drop-down menu and price will adjust accordingly.

This item may be made to order and can be customized in other metals, including gold.