About Shoshana

shoshana farber jewellery studio

"I grew up in the suburbs, became myself in the city, challenged my boundaries with a backpack. Found my partner on a farm, my passion by a river, my skill by a mountain. Home has always felt familiar but stagnant, and Away exciting but incomplete. One foot planted, the other poised to leap. It’s fuelled a foundational tension for most of my life.

Now I embrace both Home and Away as non-competing interests. Not either/or, or this/that, but integral parts of where I’m at. I’m building opportunity and creative space in both places. Recognizing that it all feeds me, and that every passage and moment has its own value."

Showsh Designs is handmade, contemporary fine jewellery by Shoshana Farber. She is the sole designer and producer of her work, which is made in a private independent studio in Toronto, Canada. She has spent almost two decades as a goldsmith, having completed her jewellery arts education at Kootenay School of the Arts in British Columbia and the Revere Academy in San Francisco.

Shoshana's studios are intentionally low-tech and located in Toronto (Home) & Minden (Away), and her award-winning jewellery is sold in shows and galleries nationwide.